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Kevin Glancy is an east coast transplant who has had a taste of the inbound Kool-Aid and is pumped to share how it can help your business grow. He loves video games, a good laugh, and enlightening conversations.
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How to Create Content Your Ideal Client Can Appreciate

It can be tough making the right kind of content to attract your preferred customers. In order to make the right kind of content, you have to understand exactly what it is your ideal client profile is after. If you understand buyer persona basics, you should be able to do this fairly easily, but the trouble can lie in making content that they will feel they can make use of.

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Why an Expert Strategist, Integrator Is Crucial to Sales Enablement Success

There’s always some trouble explaining why an inbound consultant can be an integral part of your business, but I feel like one of our clients says it best:

“When you are a small business owner with a small team so focused on the day to day you literally don’t have time to do [content development]. Not only that but when you have no clue where to begin, it’s so nice to have a team of experts there to help drive the strategy.” - Derek Yurgaitis, President of Meltblown Technologies

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10 Signs Your Sales Team Needs Help

Sales are the lifeline of any business. So it's crucial that your team has the right tools to be successful and that you have the right people in the right seats. Here are ten things to check for to gauge the health of your sales force, processes, and tools. If you recognize any of these, you need to figure out some solutions fast.  

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Inbound Selling vs. Sales Enablement

With all of our recent talk about sales enablement, a question has to be cropping up: How is sales enablement any different from inbound selling? That's what I'm going to clarify here.

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Three Ways to Better Listen to Your Prospects' Needs and Problems

Do your sales representatives have enough information about their prospects to really resonate and solve for them? Do they know different places to look online to locate active buyers? If the answer is no to either of those questions, read on.

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The Basics of Inbound Selling

What would marketing be without its counterpart, selling? The answer is that it would be pretty much pointless. Why get leads if you can’t close them into customers? So how do you as a salesperson close leads into customers in this internet age where we all do so much research and relationship building online?

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Four Stellar Hubspot Integrations for Sales Teams

There are a lot of programs and companies online that have seen the benefit of Hubspot and inbound marketing. These companies—like Pandadoc, Eventbrite, GoToWebinar, and Wistia—make it their business to help you connect and maintain good relationships with your clients. The way in which these programs achieve this goal is by making their content integrated. Hubspot works together with these companies to give you a better and more trackable experience as a business person.

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Five Inspiring, Effective B2B Video Examples

Video content is an integral part of the twenty-first century, and has made itself indispensable to just about everything. This includes our entertainment, education, news, and our marketing. We all know commercials can be a pain, but they are the medium through which businesses promote their products. Watching videos directed towards marketing can be tedious, especially when the content is far from engaging, but if there is some entertainment value then they can be less of a chore to watch. This is why it is important to avoid making any blunders when you try to create video content, otherwise you will fail to get the wanted attention and possibly even turn potential customers away.

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Six Basic SEO Tips for 2016

Coming up with a good keyword strategy is difficult, especially in this day and age when everyone knows the benefit of having their site search engine optimized. With every site on the Internet trying to lay claim to their own little space on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) it becomes incredibly important to know how you can get yourself near the top of the results pages. With that in mind, here are six important tips to take into account for your search engine optimization.

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Buyer Persona Basics

Possibly the most important thing you will need if you are planning on selling anything is a buyer persona. A persona represents the ideal customer looking to buy your product, service, or concept. Without one, you will be stuck trying to find your way in the dark. That is why they are so important; they help illuminate what prospects you want to attract, where those prospects will be searching for information, what content you want to create, and why you are making your content beyond a need for profits. A good way to look at the process of creating a persona is to think of the five Ws and the H as your questions—Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How—as a guide for making the right persona.

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Buyer Personas

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