Why Infographics Helps Explain Data Better Than (Mind-Numbing) Text

What are infographics? Infographics are a way to visually display data. By using them you are replacing mind-numbing data with a visually appealing graphic that can be read quickly and clearly. Sure, there are people that love data, but for most of us on an information overload, we either don’t time or don’t want to sort through it all. This is why infographics can be a great idea for your company.

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WhitePaper: Marketing For Healthcare Providers in the Digital Age

Guest Blog from TheDoctorBlog.com

Are you a doctor thinking about investing in online marketing but not sure whether it's worth the investment?

Check out this whitepaper from TheDoctorBlog that explains why you should seriously consider it- before your competition does.

Check out a quick preview below-


The Internet has fundamentally redefined how Americans connect with physicians. In this white paper, ZocDoc draws on recent studies and expertise from digital healthcare leaders to interpret these changes. We provide a vendor evaluation document and an interactive return-on-investment calculator (see Appendices A and B) to help healthcare providers determine the optimal marketing mix for their practices. We illustrate the costs and benefits of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and detail best practices when appropriate. A method for obtaining positive reviews and attenuating negative reviews is described; it is demonstrated that an average 37 percent increase in appointments results from each half-star improvement to a provider’s online rating profile. We close by outlining the patient satisfaction and loyalty healthcare providers can accrue by offering online booking and related transactional services, which are preferred by 81 percent of consumers.

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Why You Should Test Pinterest Ads for Black Friday (And Some Other Tips)


We cannot argue with the fact that Thanksgiving is the biggest food holiday of the year. We also cannot argue the fact that once Thanksgiving is over, holiday shopping sets in. Retailers are ordering bulks of shipment, back stocking, and beginning their promotions for what is the biggest shopping day of the year. Shoppers are preparing to scavenge for sales, run around the mall and charge their computers.

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The New Design Trend You Need to Know About

It may be hard to keep up with the trends in design only to find out that it is outdated one year later. The flat design trend is something that I have seen emerging in major companies including Apple, Microsoft, and many others.

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Why You Should Use Animated GIFs in Your Email Campaigns

You might think that GIFs are only used to show twerking fails or of a cat falling off a ledge, but there are actually some very useful instances for GIFs. Check your inbox. I bet that you have a few waiting for you right now. I constantly see animated GIFs that are classy, appealing, and eye catching that compliment the email’s message. Here are a few reasons why I think you should use them in your next email campaign.

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Dentist Increases Brand Awareness Through Online Marketing Techniques

A look into how the dental industry is using the web

Dr. Jeffrey Patrician, dressed in all white scrubs, sits in a big eat-you-up-kind-of-leather chair in the lobby of his new Boulder, Colorado dental office – Boulder Dental Arts. He’s cordially agreed to have me interview him about his marketing strategies, something that I am quite curious about since his is one of the fastest growing dental practices in this town. Not only that, but I’ve actually heard of this guy (who hears about a dentist??). Heard he is the best. Heard that I should definitely go have a check up because he somehow makes going to the dentist fun. And I’ve noticed my roommate has basically taken up a part-time job with his practice. She’s referred so many new clients to his firm, that she has a small stack of $10 iTunes gift cards on our coffee table – one for each person she sent Dr. Patrician’s way.

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