Why You Should Use Animated GIFs in Your Email Campaigns

You might think that GIFs are only used to show twerking fails or of a cat falling off a ledge, but there are actually some very useful instances for GIFs. Check your inbox. I bet that you have a few waiting for you right now. I constantly see animated GIFs that are classy, appealing, and eye catching that compliment the email’s message. Here are a few reasons why I think you should use them in your next email campaign.

Show multiple products or multiple product views.

Online retailers are a major player in the GIF world. With so many different products to show, this gives them an option to get multiple images in without cluttering up the actual message. In these emails for Adeline we showed multiple products while grabbing your attention and keeping it very clean at the same time.

Tailgating (2)

Call attention to the most important thing.

Your eye naturally follows a certain path and that path is influenced by things that stand out. You can use a GIF to call attention to those very important things that you want your viewer to see first, whether it be a call to action or to a product.

Stand out from other static emails.

Lets admit it. We all have very short attention spans, especially when we are filtering dozens of emails every day. By using a GIF, you increase that chance of a viewer staying on your email and clicking through to your site instead of deleting it before visiting your site. Once you capture your audience’s attention, they will be more loyal to your emails, site, and possibly even product or service.

Red Rivalry

Some people say that GIFs are to distracting and is an old trend, I can agree that they are distracting. You might even have a hard time reading this post without being distracted by the stuff moving around above. But that's usual the point when it comes to marketing, standing out instead of blending in, and GIFs allow the attention grabbing to happen in a visual appealing way.


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Posted by Justin Piontek

Justin Piontek

Justin Piontek owns Justin Piontek Graphic Design, based in Madison, Wis., and is a professional mountain biker. He started designing professionally for casinos and has since developed a versatile portfolio including nonprofit and retail clients, among others.

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