How Does an Inbound Marketing Campaign Work?

The thought maybe running through your head is, "How can inbound help me with my marketing?” It’s a fair question, but the real one should be, “How can’t inbound help me with my marketing?”

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Why Cookbooks Are Great Examples of Creative Content Marketing

The original angle I had for this blog was about my 10 favorite barbecue recipes because well, it's summer in Texas and grilling outside is one of the best parts about it. Anything grilled or smoked with barbeque sauce is always amazing. Plus, I got a new cookbook a few months ago in the Texas Hill Country on a wine tour, and every recipe I've made from it has been better than the last. I also wanted to write about it because I'm a big believer in digital marketing being human and real, and not just for robots that don't have feelings or do things without computers. :) Believe it or not, all of us geeky marketers do actually still do many "normal" activities that don't involve computers like eating, cooking, and entertaining. Good food is something everyone can appreciate (although some of us do probably Google more recipes than others...or use apps like AllRecipes' dinner spinner to find ideas).

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How an eCommerce Company Saw Immediate Success With Hubspot and Inbound

One of the big elephants in the Hubspot "room" is ecommerce. Some swear it's an awful fit and others say they have their own thoughts on it...but don't ask them to dive deeper into it than that.
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