Buyer Persona Versus Ideal Customer Profile

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, personalized campaigns that are based on buyer personas drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails

But how do they differ from ideal customer profiles (ICPs)? It’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of the differences between the two and what each can do for your business.

Let’s examine what you should know about each from a high level and why using both of them can be beneficial to your organization.

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How Establishing Buyer Personas Helped Us Strengthen Our Brand

Really understanding and executing your company’s brand identity is far harder than it looks. Many companies boast values and philosophies which they surely admire, but fall short of living in daily practice. This is why it takes a certain amount of insight, practice and research to truly discover a brand’s identity and how to build that identity into marketing efforts, everyday client interactions and touchpoints.

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Buyer Persona Basics

Possibly the most important thing you will need if you are planning on selling anything is a buyer persona. A persona represents the ideal customer looking to buy your product, service, or concept. Without one, you will be stuck trying to find your way in the dark. That is why they are so important; they help illuminate what prospects you want to attract, where those prospects will be searching for information, what content you want to create, and why you are making your content beyond a need for profits. A good way to look at the process of creating a persona is to think of the five Ws and the H as your questions—Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How—as a guide for making the right persona.

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How Does an Inbound Marketing Campaign Work?

The thought maybe running through your head is, "How can inbound help me with my marketing?” It’s a fair question, but the real one should be, “How can’t inbound help me with my marketing?”

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Why Creating An Ideal Client Profile is So Important

What makes a great sales representative? Among things other than persistence, it’s someone who can relate to and connect with their prospective clients. But before you do that, you have to understand your prospects. That’s why creating an ideal client profile is so important. 

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Getting Started With Inbound Marketing: Buyer Personas

By Kristi Tan, DMD Campaign Manager, and @JackieClews, DMD Co-Founder

As a business owner or sales executive, you are constantly trying to keep your company front of mind with your contacts so they can like you, trust you, and become a customer or client.

That's what inbound marketing helps you do - online.

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