Jackie Connors, Founder & CEO
Jackie Connors sitting.pngI am the Founder & CEO of Digital Marketing Direction, a virtual agency and top-tiered HubSpot partner. We offer HubSpot and inbound training, consulting, and content marketing services.

I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma’s College of Journalism & Mass Communication, so naturally I love to tell stories and connect with people. I therefore love those aspects of inbound marketing most, such as persona research, social media, and consulting.

I got started in digital marketing with my use of social media and email marketing to engage with readers and help grow the website's online reach when reporting for a nonprofit startup in Madison, Wisconsin. I then coached other reporters in the national news organization on social media and other digital marketing best practices. After the 2012 election I worked for Neiman Marcus’ New York brand, Bergdorf Goodman, as a site merchandiser. I learned a lot about e-commerce merchandising and marketing best practices, and eventually struck out on my own.

I now work with marketing departments at mid-market companies all over the country to help them reach their growth goals, especially those in the manufacturing, construction, and tech industries. You can reach me at jackie@digitalmarketingdirection.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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