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Alyson Marino is a senior at the University of Oklahoma, pursuing a degree in advertising. She's a self proclaimed fashionista and is setting out to persuade the world to take action online.

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Four Simple Tricks to Increase E-Commerce Sales

By @AAAMarino and @JackieClews

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Why You Should Test Pinterest Ads for Black Friday (And Some Other Tips)


We cannot argue with the fact that Thanksgiving is the biggest food holiday of the year. We also cannot argue the fact that once Thanksgiving is over, holiday shopping sets in. Retailers are ordering bulks of shipment, back stocking, and beginning their promotions for what is the biggest shopping day of the year. Shoppers are preparing to scavenge for sales, run around the mall and charge their computers.

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7 Tips to Help Improve Your Email Click Through Rate

Let’s face it. With everyone’s inboxes becoming increasingly overwhelming to manage, getting strategic about email marketing is a lot harder than it used to be.

Our first post in this email marketing series was about improving your subject lines to get more people to open your email by explaining Five Fashion Subject Lines I Love from a consumer’s perspective.

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Five Fashion Email Subject Lines I Love

Email is becoming an increasingly popular online marketing technique - and subject lines are an important first step to getting your target audience to engage with your email.

So marketers can get some honest feedback on what gets me to open an email, I compiled a list of my five favorite fashion subject lines.

“Front Row at the Spring 2014 Runway Show”—

It seems like today you cannot escape the current trends. When this email appeared in my inbox I automatically clicked it because I imagined being front row, watching the models in all the current trends walk down a bright stage with cameras flashing in each and every direction. As soon as I read this subject for this email I knew I would open the email and be directed to the current styles. I then imagined myself wearing the brand and walking down the runway with cameras on me. This subject was a creative, direct way to catch my attention and make me wonder what Spring 2014 will look like.

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