Five Fashion Email Subject Lines I Love

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Email is becoming an increasingly popular online marketing technique - and subject lines are an important first step to getting your target audience to engage with your email.

So marketers can get some honest feedback on what gets me to open an email, I compiled a list of my five favorite fashion subject lines.

“Front Row at the Spring 2014 Runway Show”—

It seems like today you cannot escape the current trends. When this email appeared in my inbox I automatically clicked it because I imagined being front row, watching the models in all the current trends walk down a bright stage with cameras flashing in each and every direction. As soon as I read this subject for this email I knew I would open the email and be directed to the current styles. I then imagined myself wearing the brand and walking down the runway with cameras on me. This subject was a creative, direct way to catch my attention and make me wonder what Spring 2014 will look like.

"The Bright Height: Our Most Colorful Wedges”—

Picture these colors: grey, black, brown, dull. Now, think about these: hot pink, vibrant orange, radiant red, coral, and sea foam green. See the difference? understands the difference and they were able to effectively create a standout subject. This email came out mid-summer, and it was a fantastic way to promote a popular summer shoe—the wedge. I also like how the subject line is two topics in one, not just "The Bright Height" of "Our Most Colorful Wedges."

“The Three Best Boots for fall”—

Fall. Autumn. Back-to-school. No matter how you look at it, it is still that time of year where the weather gets cooler, fall trends are returning, and many people will be on the look out for a new wardrobe. The greatest part about this email subject is that it came out just in time for the fall season but I also like how they specifically picked and called out three boot trends instead of just calling out boots for fall in the subject or body. After clicking through their email I’m sure as I walk around campus or the mall this season I’ll be on the lookout for whose on trend with “the three best boots.”

“You want sale news? We’ve got sale news.”—

What better way to get your customer’s attention then to mention a sale? Personally, when it comes to receiving emails from clothing stores, sale is my favorite word. Notifying me through email that there is a sale is a great thing, especially if I’m looking to fill my closet. Another aspect of this subject line that I appreciate is the question-answer idea. My attention was focused on this email primarily due to the creative aspect of using the question-answer combination. Lastly, I love how straight forward the offer and action item are. The subject line clearly states there is a sale and my only job is to click and find out what the sale is.

“You’ve got plans tomorrow!”— did a great job on focusing on making this subject line feel personalized. The first thing I think is “hmm, what are ‘my plans?” I’d open this email simply because of the suspense of it. “Am I getting a discount or is there an exclusive in store event for email subscribers?”

As an online shopper, I recommend using short, simple, attention-grabbing words that will effectively sum up the main focus point of the email. So what will you say to stand out to me?

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Posted by Alyson Marino

Alyson Marino

Alyson Marino is a senior at the University of Oklahoma, pursuing a degree in advertising. She's a self proclaimed fashionista and is setting out to persuade the world to take action online.

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