Five Inspiring, Effective B2B Video Examples

Video content is an integral part of the twenty-first century, and has made itself indispensable to just about everything. This includes our entertainment, education, news, and our marketing. We all know commercials can be a pain, but they are the medium through which businesses promote their products. Watching videos directed towards marketing can be tedious, especially when the content is far from engaging, but if there is some entertainment value then they can be less of a chore to watch. This is why it is important to avoid making any blunders when you try to create video content, otherwise you will fail to get the wanted attention and possibly even turn potential customers away.


video iconFedEx has managed to make a number of entertaining commercials to help expand their business. Their B2B approach to marketing helps to grow their business and give each potential customer the assurance that they are in for a good deal. Who doesn't remember the quick video of a burgeoning business taking advantage of their great deals?

Making a good video is integral to your company’s ability to continue using that medium. If your content is not enjoyable, engaging, or good, then you have failed to entice potential customers and may lose them forever. Making entertaining example videos, as FedEx has done, is one way to engage your customers and keep them coming back for more.


If you were around in 2015, you probably remember Jeff Bridges being in a commercial where he tells you about how he made a playlist of sleepy noises. You probably also took a look at Squarespace, which is the company that he used to do that. This B2B company that creates website templates for people or businesses to create content made an engaging customer story into a very successful ad campaign.

Video content can be used in many different ways. When selling a product that anyone can use, why not use anyone? From the aforementioned Jeff Bridges to an entire company, the point of the customer story is to make your product feel relatable. Stories put people at ease, give them something to relate to, and turn them into interested customers.


Another effective way to gain the attention of your customers is to use comedy to help enhance your product. Comedy is the great equalizer. When paired with video content, which in another form could be tedious, it becomes entertainment. There are some commercials that people can find themselves watching just for sheer entertainment. That is where videos like the Jim Parsons Intel commercials come in.

Using a relatively well-known comedic actor like Jim Parsons act as the voice of their company gives Intel a boost towards gaining some of his fans as theirs. Using comedy, they are able to shape their message to be friendly to everyone. It is a fair assumption that making a comedic video will garner your company more focus than a dull one filled with nothing but facts spewed at a high pace. You are more likely to remember a Gieco commercial than any of the numerous new medicine commercials, after all.


Sometimes pure entertainment mixed with the added message of a video is not the right way to go. There are some who appreciate a straight and informative piece of work, and there are companies that do that with gusto. Naturally, they do not want their content to be bland, but they are more concerned with the message than anything else.

Take this example from Slack, a company that specializes in making communication within a company easier. Their video expresses this fact with simple and direct information. There is naturally some humor in the commercial, but it is clearly not the focus, and more an added bit of enjoyment on top of getting the chance to express a success story.


Another great way to express video content is to use anecdote. With a fake story packaged as a real situation, there is an avenue for exploring buyer personas and expressing how the company can help an actual customer. Pointing out the excess needs of a persona may get those customers on the periphery of service, not sure if they truly need your service but becoming aware that they need something.

This quick ad from Zendesk does just this, giving their personas voices in the guise of an apparent “old married couple” who are named The Business and The Customer. Using personas rather than actual customers, Zendesk is able to express an exaggerated conflict between the pair through a humorous interaction.

Video content is never easy to think of and commercials often fail thanks to bland messaging, but for those that are able to gain a foothold above the rest and manage to become memorable it is important to recall them. It is by their example that all future content needs to be derived. Business to business marketing is a difficult occupation without making it harder with poor quality content.

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