How to Create Content Your Ideal Client Can Appreciate

It can be tough making the right kind of content to attract your preferred customers. In order to make the right kind of content, you have to understand exactly what it is your ideal client profile is after. If you understand buyer persona basics, you should be able to do this fairly easily, but the trouble can lie in making content that they will feel they can make use of.

Understanding Your Buyer Personas

golferIf you’ve created your personas with a clear head and a focused point, you know exactly what they will get excited about. You want to match the attitude they have, so that when they read your whitepaper, sift through your presentation, watch your video, or whatever you end up deciding to do there isn’t anything there trying to change the way they think. You want to present to them something that they wanted, but didn’t know about.

If your ideal client profile is an avid golf player, you want to create content that caters to that interest. You should be able to work on the themes that your buyer persona will find the most interesting. Among the many problems that can harm your sales team is when they fail to work with your personas, and you need to correct them quickly so that you can stay on track. If you send out a whitepaper that sounds disparaging to the thing your ideal client loves, they might not be your client for long.

Make Your Content Part of Yourself

When creating content it is easy to get technical about the issue, because you are trying to sell a concept or idea in the end. On the other hand, if your team is creating content that doesn’t move you, how will it do the same for anyone else? You need to love the content you create, because without the spark of interest you end up with something that nobody likes.

There needs to be something worthwhile at the heart of your work, something that can help your persona even if they choose not to buy in the end. If there isn’t any substance to the content you make, then you haven’t put anything into it that’s substantial enough to attract their attention for long enough to think of other ways that you can help them.

Your Clients Are Just as Smart as You

Never make the mistake of thinking that your customers are as two dimensional as the ideal client profiles you use to create the content for them. You should never assume that everyone is the same and will be engaged by the same content, you need to vary your content so that people can find the thing that will grab their attention more than anything else. Sometimes this can be a video (which is never a good thing to mess up), a presentation, a whitepaper, or something else just as important.

If you make your content right, your prospects will enjoy it and start looking at everything else you’ve made. If they take the time to think about what you offer, you’ve won the first battle towards converting them into customers. You have to put everything you are into your content, because you’re selling yourself and your services with everything you do. Keep that in mind, and keep in mind the ways that your ideal client profile thinks about the content they receive. If you do that, then you’ve managed to catch their eye and you’ve created something that they can appreciate.

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