5 Online Marketing Key Performance Indicators Sales Managers Should Know

If you’re a manager or a business owner, you don’t care about email open rates or website page views. You care about where the best leads are coming from and what they’re converting on so you can get more of them. This blog will walk you through the inbound marketing reporting tools that come with the varying levels of Hubspot. These should be present in whichever system you use to track your leads.

What Reports Used to Look Like

The standard website stats people used to gauge their online marketing success even just a few years ago were:

  • Open rates
  • Click through rates
  • Website page views
  • Traffic by source

Google_Analytics_Sample.pngGoogle Analytics led the way. Here’s what a standard report might look like for visits over a period of time with the fancy vs. the same time prior component.

Other tools like Omniture developed, and you could begin to see more information about conversions. But it was all very custom, expensive, and still didn’t easily tell the full story behind what was working to increase the bottom line with the company’s website and what wasn’t working. There was still a lot of gray area and only the big dogs could afford to see anything more than open rates and page views. Everyone was also using a different system so you couldn’t easily see the big picture between the marketing efforts and the website, or drill down and see all of your efforts listed with each customers’ interaction. Forget integrating with a customer relationship management (CRM) system to see all interactions in the same place for companies with sales teams. No one even knew what a CRM was! Sales people just did meetings and told their bosses they were working as hard as they could every day.

There was no easy way to tell small to medium sized business managers and owners which marketing efforts were working to bring in new leads and help nurture them to close. They were also unaware of opportunities they were missing out on.

Reporting Software That Focuses on KPIs Business Executives Care About

All of the Hubspot reporting tools are built around solving this problem, finding out what content helps attract visits, converting them into leads, and nurturing them to become customers with the sales team. These are the same metrics Adobe’s marketing cloud uses and you should look for no matter which tool you use:

Upward_trend.jpgConversion Sources: This shows which channels online are driving visits, leads, and customers in a given time frame.

Content Attribution: These customizable reports are key to demystifying what’s converting leads and customers. They “easily” show exactly how many contacts were converted or nurtured by each piece of content. You can even automate them to send to different people on a regular basis.

Social Media ROI: This shows how many visits, leads, and customers you gained from social media in a given time frame. It also shows how many followers you gained and which posts helped do that.

Keyword Rankings and Opportunities: Wondering which keyword phrases you should target? Plug some into the keywords tool and pick some opportunities from there by looking at their monthly search volume, your company’s ranking for the terms, and the difficulty score for each so you can begin to increase your visits, leads, and customers from search.

Website Page Conversion Rates and Opportunities: Find out which website pages and blogs are getting not only the most views but also the highest click through rates so you can put more offers on those pages and therefore capture more leads. It also tells you which pages have on page SEO errors, and exactly what those are so you can fix them and get back to capturing awesome potential customers from search engines.

All of these reports help tell you where your visits, leads, and customers are coming from and which content is working to increase those conversion rates so your team can create more successful content to help grow the company with your sales team.

For fancier reporting capabilities, check out Hubspot’s new reporting add on here.

For tracking online outbound marketing methods like paid ads, you can see PPC traffic in your sources tab, use tracking urls, and or check out Hubspot’s new add on.  

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