Why Shopify Is Such a Great CMS for E-Commerce

Are you looking to set up a new e-commerce website or spruce up an old one?

For many small businesses, Shopify might be the holy grail you've been looking for. Shopify is a popular all-in-one platform for e-commerce sites focused on simplicity. This is reflected in their pricing, setup, and built-in features.

I recently helped create a Shopify-powered website for WinkingCow.com with our web development partner, Webity, and front-end designer, Justin Piontek.

Here's the theme we chose:

mobilia shopify theme

Here's the final home page:

Winking Cow

The product pages are very sleek:

Winking Cow Sample Pack #7

Installation & Set up:

Their pricing plans range from $14/month to $179/month and can offer everything for your online store including hosting, content management, shipping, and more.

After picking your plan, the next thing you will want to do is choose your theme. Shopify has many themes to choose from categorized by industry (such as clothing & fashion or food & drink), or features (such as responsive or newsletter integration). Many come with great built in features like Mobilia, which I found in the food & drink category, and comes mobile-optimized.

Once you've installed your theme, it's time to get your content organized. When dealing with products, there is a lot to coordinate for a website including navigation, categories, product information (SKU's, weight, pricing), image stripping, graphics, and uploading images. Once you have all of that finalized in an excel sheet, you can transfer that to the back end of your website and then add the final touches: policies, shipping, and payments.

Since there are a lot of moving parts, using a system that ties everything together and is easy for everyone to manage (including different logins that can be created for staff members) really goes a long way.

Promo Code Capabilities

So you have an e-commerce website! Now what?

Once the website is up and running it's time to set up a marketing campaign to get customers to your site to shop. With easy to use promotional codes you can kick off your website launch with a hot deal for your email subscribers, Facebook fans, and more!

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