Improve Your Email Conversion Rate

shopping cartAre you looking to get more sales, donations, or leads from your email marketing efforts? Then you need to know not just what gets people to open and click on your emails, but what types of content, calls to action, and other criteria gets your subscribers to buy, donate, or signup (convert).

Use an email marketing program that tracks conversions

Does your list have a conversion rate of two or 10 percent?

Many tools like Hubspot and Mailchimp can track your conversion rate within the platform but you can also do it manually in an excel sheet by entering the number of visits and contacts or sales to calculate your conversion rate per campaign.

For example...

If you had five purchases from a list of 50 subscribers then your conversion rate would be 10 percent.

5 / 50= .10 (10%)

Purchases / Visits = Conversion Rate

Now that you know the rate, how can you improve it to get more sales, donations, or leads?

A/B test elements to improve your conversion rate

Once you see which types of messages, calls to action, or other criteria in your campaigns are delivering the highest conversion rate you can always A/B test different criteria to optimize your rate even more.

Hubspot has a great powerpoint with 50 call to action templates you can download and tweak to your website's color scheme - and no graphic design experience is required! You an easily A/B test which call to action buttons work best for conversions and see the results in their Call to Action analytics dashboard.

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Posted by Jackie Connors

Jackie Connors

Jackie Connors is the Founder & CEO of Digital Marketing Direction, a top-tiered HubSpot Solutions Partner agency based in Texas. She provides inbound training, consulting, and content marketing services to mid-market companies.

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