Three Reasons Why Content Is King

content is king
There’s all this hype these days about building more content onto webpages. WooRank, a popular online software that provides SEO and keyword analytics, often recommends “more content” as one of the top five improvements for a site. But some people are left scratching their heads saying, “Why?! I’ve already said everything I want to say!” Well, it’s because Google doesn’t care. The more you are saying, the more credible you become. Here are three reasons why content is king:

  1. Google Says So. — Google uses a unique algorithm to detect which sites are powerful and which sites should be ranked highly. It’s an important tool. It’s how we all understand the world around us. We type a query into Google, something like “women’s fashion tights,” and the companies or brand that produce women’s fashion tights magically appear at the top. Well, I guess it’s not so magical. It’s actually a severely complicated and detailed algorithm that takes into account a variety of criteria. The good news is, we as site owners have the power to contribute to the way in which Google — and other search providers for that matter — rank our site. Things like the domain name, the amount of time your site has been around, and your headers play a big role in your Search-ability. But one of the other big factors is: CONTENT. You’ve got to have relevant copy to your sites keywords to rank for those words — and you’ve got to have a lot of it! Sites short of 40 pages will routinely rank low of content via WooRank.
  2. Content Produces Customers — The way that people find new brands and ideas these days is through sharing Internet memes. Cool stuff is posted on Facebook and shared. If the “cool stuff” posted was created by your brand, you have instant marketing share. If enough people think your content is cool — you become viral. And suddenly your site traffic jumps from 7,000 unique visitors per day to over 1,000,000. For e-commerce stores this could mean making several million dollars. Talk about ROI.
  3. Content Ensures Your Site Is Fresh — Every time you produce a new piece of content, the Internet interprets that as your site being refreshed. This is important because it reminds you to keep you site fresh, up-to-date, and hip. It also reminds Google (SEO again…) that your site is active and lively, and this is another important component for search ranks.

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