5 Reasons Blogging Isn’t Easy Anymore

Guest post by @JeanWrites

bloggingBlogging didn’t use to be a challenging thing. It used to be that anyone could publish virtually anything. But the times are changing and consumers, as well as Google, are expecting better blogging. But why?

  1. Self publishers are the new journalists. – It used to be that we relied heavily on professional news-watchers to gather the information of the day and report it back to use with timelines and relevance. But now the layman has taken that job on for himself. We have exponentially grown the number of eyes and ears that are watching our news.
  2. Content marketing is more about the content and less about the marketing. — The reason that content marketing has grown explosively is because people really want new stuff to read. They like to be the person that first discovers something awesome. They get to put that on their Facebook wall, and get hundreds of likes, shares, comments. It bolsters personal Klout, and it is a huge positive reinforcement factor.
  3. Bad stuff doesn’t get read. — So if you are a blogger, and you are putting out stupid content that really doesn’t have a journalistic or cultural implication, you’re screwed. Nobody is going to read you stuff. You blog will sink to the bottom of Google analytics. And the people who are invested in reporting, writing, editing and LISTENING to their audience are going to rise above. It’s that simple.
  4. YouTube is the new printing press. — Yeah, when the printing press was invented it was all the rage. But who wants to read anymore. No one. In fact, why am I even writing this post, I should be vlogging it. Hmmm, next time. Research shows 20% of people will read something on the Web, while 80% will watch a video. And video content is retained 5 times better than text.
  5. We have no time. – Somehow the clocked ticked year 2000, and everyone became increasingly busy. Somehow we don’t have time to cook, clean, have children or do our accounting. All we have time to do is explain how busy we’ve been. How many hours we clocked. How many text messages and parties we went to. With all that time (wasted away on nothing) there is little time left to dedicate 1 or 2 hours to blogging. It becomes cumbersome. It’s the last thing on the list. Any frankly, we don’t want to do it.

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Posted by Jean Spencer

Jean Spencer

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