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Over $42,000 in New Client Business in Six Months

Campaign Now needed to generate leads for their business. DMD created the strategy and editorial plan to create their first inbound marketing campaign on Wordpress and Lead Pages. After quickly realizing the high quality of leads coming in but the hindrance the broken systems were creating for tracking and sales, they moved their website onto Hubspot following DMD's recommendation. Their first campaign with the marketing and sales CRM systems fully utilized led to over $12K in revenue from brand new clients within the first three months. Within six months DMD attributed to over $42,000 in total new revenue. DMD's efforts also helped nurture and close new deals with existing relationships.

About Campaign Now

  • Company size: 1-5 employees
  • Industries: Consumer Services, Marketing, Technology, Political
  • Organizations: B2B, Agency
  • Challenges: target buyer persona understanding, brand awareness, content creation, lead generation, lead segmentation, lead conversion, marketing automation, website traffic, reporting & analytics, fragmented tools, online marketing strategy, sales data
  • Solutions: Lead management, blogging, email marketing, social media, calls-to-action, automated workflows, smart content, SEO, landing pages with offers, analytics, smarketing meetings, campaign strategy, editorial planning, project management, inbound selling consulting, buyer personas, smart forms, graphic design
  • Software: Hubspot COS, Hubspot CRM
  • Location: Wisconsin, Texas
  • Contact: Owner